Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

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“I’m bored”. No one likes to hear that sad sounding b word. It usually means the eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, and overall blah attitude have taken over. Here are 17 sure ways to avoid boredom at all costs. It’s time to get creative and have fun with our list of rainy day activities your kids will actually love!

Use some pillows and a pair of dad-size T-shirts to “sumo wrestle“.1. Sumo Wrestle


Let your kids have fun painting – and then eating – rainbow toast. The “paint” is made by combining condensed milk and food coloring, and gives the toast a slightly sweet taste. Try it out on Easter Day!2. Rainbow Toast


Break out the masking tape and lay out games on your carpeted floor.3. Masking Tape


Make an unconventional paper plane…with a straw. Have fun flying!4. Paper Plane with a Straw


Put a bar of soap in the microwave and make a soap cloud!5. Soap Cloud


Create your own stickers!6. Create Your Own Stickers


Transform a pool noodle into a marble racetrack.7. Marble Racetrack


Make and exchange fast and easy-to-make friendship bracelets.8. 5 Friendship Bracelets


Use giant ziploc bags to create no-mess art.9. No Mess Art


Conduct science experiments using soda, candy, and balloons.10. Science Experiment


Make your own Play Dough.11. Homemade Play Dough


Upcycle baby food jars into LEGO storage jars.12. LEGO Storage Jars


Create a time capsule. Have the kids include a letter to their future selves with information like their grade in school, their best friends’ names, hobbies they enjoy, favorite movies, songs, and more. Don’t forget to include a few momentos and photos.13. Time Capsule


Enjoy the endless possibilities of sock puppets.14. Sock Puppets


Make single-serving ice cream…in a bag.15. Ice Cream


Build a fort in your living room.16. Build a Fort


Have a dance party!